Eric Schumann


Eric started keeping corn snakes in 2013 after he met his wife who had been keeping them since before they met. His interest in snakes quickly grew as did his collection. Eric found genetics to be one of the most fascinating aspects of breeding reptiles and quickly became skilled in predicing the phenotype of various offpsring based on the genetic profile of their parents. Due to the size of his collection, Eric also researched and learned several ways to produce food for his animals in an effort to save money.

Eric served as Secretary of SWMHS from 2016-2018.

Eric is reptile enthusiast by hobby and a software engineer by profession. He is responsible for building and maintaining this website.

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Basic Reptile Genetics

The topic of genetics is often seen as intimidating or difficult thanks to what we hear and see from the media. In reality, the genetics we talk about in the reptile hobby is fairly straight forward once you understand some basics.